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Once again, Tubądzin Days were hosted by our business partners outside Poland, this time in picturesque Kyrgyzstan. The event’s partners were the Tubądzin Group and Art Ceramika.

Bishkek, the capital and at the same time the largest city of Kyrgyzstan, located in Tienshan at the foot of the Kyrgyz Mountains in the Chukchi Basin, became the venue for an event dedicated to architects and designers.

The TDD was attended by 200 people and invited guests included studios, construction companies and investors.

On 24 2023, during the Tubądzin Days meeting, ideas for using cultural motifs to  graphics on ceramic tiles were created.

Ideas and inspirations from local ethnic patterns, signs and symbols rooted in culture and tradition in Kyrgyzstan were presented.

The guests of honour were representatives of the Polish Honorary Consulate in Bishkek.

The atmosphere at TDD inspired conversations. The range of products presented by the Tubądzin Group aroused the curiosity of the guests, the displays delighted them with their colours, formats, textures and rich designs.

The whole event ended with architects joining forces with the possibilities offered by Tubądzin products in the presentations of designs proposed by the architects present at TDD.

Colour reigned supreme in each of the proposed graphics.

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