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Tubądzin Group’s cooperation with the Academy of Arts in Lodz has been going on for many years. We try to contribute to the education of young students of interior design. We share our knowledge of ceramic tiles not only in terms of new collections and trends in their performance, but also the possibility of using them, not necessarily in a traditional way.

At the turn of the year, we hosted a group of students at the Tubądzin Group factory in Sieradz, where we discussed all the technical aspects of tile production, showed the latest technologies that enable the creation of deep structures. The students were also able to see the latest offerings in the brand’s largest showroom.

On Wednesday, 14, the second part of the meeting took place, this time at the Academy of Arts in Lodz. Students had the opportunity to meet, Krzysztof Grzybak, who has been acting as our ambassador and trainer for years. The meeting included an extensive theoretical part, during which the participants learned the ins and outs of working with tiles from the contractor’s point of view. Krzysztof Grzybak also presented them with interesting and unusual implementations, and told them about the challenges he faced during the implementation of these projects.

Representatives of the Tubądzin Group provided information on the latest production technologies and the company’s development plans in terms of new products, projects, with universities and also in terms of supporting architects in their professional work. Participants asked many interesting questions of our trainers, and at the end there was a discussion about the future of ceramics and its role in projects.

The second part is practice. Students will have the opportunity to work with large-format tiles. In addition to the traditional use of tiles on surfaces such as walls and floors, the training will focus on the use of tiles on furniture in the role of fronts, as well as countertops.

This activity is part of the Tubądzin Group’s strategy of tightening cooperation with universities and educating students, at the earliest possible stage of their education, in the most attractive form possible.

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