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Group celebrated the brand’s 40th anniversary in the spaces of the Zachęta National Art Gallery. A real feast awaited the guests, not only for the palate, but above all spiritually. The evening was filled with conversations about art and design. Among the invited guests were journalists, artists, architects and influencers.

The place of the event was chosen not by accident. The interiors of the Zachęta National Gallery of Art have a unique atmosphere. The scenography of the event was worked out to the smallest detail. For one evening, the exhibition halls were transformed into landscapes from dreams. The meeting was not only an opportunity to summarize past achievements, but above all to present new projects.

Tubądzin Group, through 40 years of its existence, has built a strong brand, deeply rooted in the consciousness of consumers. Its hallmark is original designs, which are created in cooperation with artists and designers. The large-format tiles delight customers in 80 countries around the world. The brand focuses on quality and unique design.

Tubądzin Group was the first Polish ceramic company to invite artists to work with it. The collection is created for it by Dorota Koziara and Maciej Zień, among others. Tubądzin is also the organizer of the Tubądzin Awards competition for architects and interior designers, with a jury of many prominent artists. It has been the organizer of Tubądzin Design Days for many years, cooperates with the National Opera, and will soon announce further collaborations with cultural institutions.

– Art is close to us. For years we have been promoting artists and best practices in designing functional and beautiful interiors. Now we are going a step further and officially announcing the Tubądzin Meets Art project. Tubądzin Group wants to democratize art and provide access to it. Therefore, it will be a patron of the arts. We will support cultural institutions, implement joint projects with artists and expand our educational activitiesannounces Amadeusz Kowalski, Vice President of the Tubądzin Group.

The combination of many years of experience and the unquestionable quality of the ceramics manufacturer’s products and the creative, fresh ideas of young artists is a guarantee of extraordinary designs and unusual solutions.

– We are fascinated by nature and its beauty. That’s why we invest in the latest technological lines and machinery, which allows us to perfectly reproduce natural structures. This year, a novelty in our offer are boards whose structure is sensory. When touching them, we can feel non-uniform roughness, lapping and shining, the same as in natural rocks and minerals. explains Amadeusz Kowalski, Vice President of the Tubądzin Group – The creation of such sublime patterns is possible thanks to a new production line, which we launched at the beginning of this year.

The new designs were featured in Maciej Zień’s latest Holiday and Lounge collections, among others. The designer told guests about his inspirations.

– Ibiza is one of my favorite places. The island impresses with its wide beaches, blue sea and music resounding in almost all its corners. I love this atmosphere. In the Holiday collection I wanted to transfer it to the interiors. I chose the most beautiful rocks that can be found on the island. The collection could not lack ethnic decors, which add lightness and casualness to the whole.explains Maciej Zień While the Lounge collection is a tribute to metropolitan cities. Their monumental architecture and timeless elegance. Here I focused on expressive, dark rocks and decors alluding to the steel facades of skyscrapershe adds.

Dorota Koziara presented new additions to the Cielo e Terra collection. The pastel color range has been enriched with green, black and super white. New decors have appeared, which harmoniously transition from one color to another. This gives the effect of lightness and harmony.

– To add variety to the collection, I also supplemented it with decors inspired by nature – stars and plants. This is how geometric patterns were created, which can be applied to all colors of the collection.emphasizes Dorota KoziaraThanks to excellent technical parameters, Cielo e Terra panels can be used not only in houses, public buildings, but also on facades. I wanted the collection to be warm in perception. This is exactly the effect, in my opinion, given by deep matte surfaces. We have developed, together with Tubądzin’s technology department, ceramic tile surfaces that give such an impression.

A surprise at the end of the evening was a night tour of Adolf Ryszka’s sculpture exhibition and a concert by Bovska.

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