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“Well-designed day in your city” is a series of training designed and implemented by           Cad Projekt K&A in 6 cities in Poland.

We are a key partner in the competence and skills development cycle dedicated to designers. The aim is to provide the necessary knowledge to increase the efficiency of designers’ work.

  • A constantly developing market
  • Software changes
  • High customer requirements
  • Searching for ways to stand out among professionals
  • New trends
  • Complex work with the client, psychology of the client
  • Developing a designer career 
  • Coping with difficulties during the implementation of projects
  • Possibilities of promotion through participation in and Tubądzin Community

These topics appeared on the training map Well-designed day in your city” in the partnership between Cad Projekt K&A and Tubądzin Group.

The halfway point is behind us, we have already visited Poznań, Warsaw and Kraków.




Each of the meetings is hundreds of exchanges of ideas, good conversations, and intellectual capital of the leaders and participants. Full synergy.

We always focus on the highest level of merit, because the time of our guests is priceless.

What is the course of the training like? … Mega interactive.

There is no tutor monologue here. Each participant is involved in interaction with the speaker.

This climate would not exist without the combined commitment of both companies.

These are two teams of two companies and one goal!

The fantastic team of Cad Projekt K&A together with the Tubądzin team is synergy, here is a partnership in business

Thanks to this, our guests, along with the content of the thematic panels, receive a very good atmosphere conducive to spending time effectively and acquiring a large amount of knowledge.

Three cities behind us, and three more to come:

It will be happening!

Meanwhile, we are sharing a photo report from training courses in Poznań, Warsaw and Kraków.

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