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The livingroom is a space that combines many functions. Its main functions is rather a place for meeting with family and friends, for daily conversations. It’s also a place for peace, reading books or watching your favorite TV programmes. This space is closely connected to the life style of its inhabitants. Its multifunctionality is often underlined by its direct connection to the kitchen or space for working.

Architects and designers from all over the world combine the functionality of the private interior and the customers preferences with the chosen style of the interior. An example of such solutions are the works entered into our third edition of the Awards competition.

Today, we are showing you a few of them.

Author: Nataliya Vasylkiv, Andriy Rodych (Ukraine) 

The New York style is associated with elegance and glitter. In the work of the Ukranian designers we find inspiration from that style, which can be a wonderful idea for the arrangement of the livingroom for people that appreciate comfort and high level quality of materials used for the interior and furniture.

Author: Nataliya Vasylkiv, Andriy Rodych (Ukraine)

The architects make use of subdued colours, such as greys, beiges and browns. The arrangement of the interior stands out through its wall decorations from the Monolith-Epoxy collection as well as accented lighting, the combination of which creates an interesting flow. 

Author: Reghina Ivanco (Republic of Moldovia)

In the project by this Moldavian architect, the harmony is brought through the use of a subdued beige colour palette. In an unusual way, the designer combines the decorative ceramic tiles on the walls as well as on the ceiling. This way she created a visually attractive surface.

Author: Reghina Ivanco (Republic of Moldovia)

The picture of the used collection Tubądzin – Onis creates a decoration for the remaining interior elements. The harmony of the beige shades is broken by the blue upholstery of the sofa. The colour of the walls, floor and ceiling bring this project a tone of relaxation. 

Author: Vera Dubrovskaya (Belarus)

Stylistic coherence and joyfully perceived interior of this apartment is the work of a Belarusian designer. The livingroom connected witht the dining room and kitchen was created with the use of base colours, such as whites and beiges as well as complementary colours mainly found in the upholstery and decorations. The main decorative element in the interior and pillar of the space for relaxation are the decorative large format tiles from the Monolith – Pietrasanta collection. Located symmetrically on both sides of the television, bring balance and add elegance in this space. 

Author: Karina Mayer, Danylo Koshulynskyy (Ukraine)

White on the walls and furniture fronts of the next project seem a big challenge. We present you with a solution proposed by Ukranian designers. The living space is subdued and contains a spirit of elegant minimalism. The base of this project are the grey floor tiles from the Monolith-Aulla collection.

Author: Karina Mayer, Danylo Koshulynskyy (Ukraine)

The whole project is completed with dark furniture and lots of decorative pillows. In the kitchen it’s worth noticing the fronts of the hanging cupboards, which contain ceramic tiles. Thanks to this, the furniture is not only functional, but also very stylish. You can read more about such solutions here.

In this article we presented you with works from architects and designers that were entered in our competition Tubądzin Design Awards. Tubądzin Awards. All these projects were rewarded and published in our Inspiration Catalogue TDA, which you can download here.

We invite you to join our next edition of the competition as well as to publish your works on our Tubądzin Community website. Write us if you wish to publish your project and want to share your creativity with our international community. 



Nataliya Vasylkiv, Andriy Rodych (Ukraina) 

Reghina Ivanco (Republika Mołdawii) Art Focus Studio

Vera Dubrovskaya (Białoruś)  Dubrovskaya Interior Design Studio

Karina Mayer, Danylo Koshulynskyy (Ukraina) KM Design Koshulynskyy & Mayer


Kolekcje Tubądzin użyte w projektach:

Monolith – Pietrasanta

Monolith – Industrio

Monolith – Epoxy

Monolith – Aulla

Tubądzin – Onis

Korzilius – Wood

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